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"What's YOUR adventure?"

At Compressed Adventures, our only goal is to get you into the water! Once there, you will find the joy and peace that we find under the sea!!
We will coach, teach, and mentor you so that we are comfortable with you diving with the ones you love most. We will give you personalized one on one or small class instruction (less than 4 students) that emphasizes fun AND safety. When you become certified from us, you will be confident and knowledgeable in your diving skills, ready to continue your adventures!
Join us on our Charters and Trips as we lead you into the world under the sea! We will show you the joy and wonder that we discovered!
From shallow to deep, freshwater to saltwater, we know the best spots!
“What’s YOUR adventure?”

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Come join us and become part of the Pod! Hang out with us and we'll go on YOUR next adventure!!




Steve "Deadpool" Grewell


Our lead instructor, Steve "Deadpool" Grewell is a highly skilled and recognized SCUBA diver with over two-plus decades of experience diving. He has trained divers around the world in both military and public safety diving since 1996. Now, he’s teaching recreational and specialty diving with instructor certifications with PADI and NAUI. We will coach, teach, and mentor you so that we are comfortable with you diving with the ones you love most.

IG @Compressed_Adventures

Melissa "Sassanach" Grewell

HR Lead

Melissa brings years of Human Resource experience to her position as HR Lead. She is truly the brains behind this whole operation and does her best to keep Deadpool on track when he sees something bright and shiny! She looks forward to cold drinks and warm water for diving!

Vic "Tonks" Dina

Divemaster Extraordinaire

Vic is a Divemaster extraordinaire! Her calm cool presence under the sea steadies even the most nervous souls. When she is not underwater, Vic studies Marine Biology at the New College of Florida. Her senior thesis subject is the Underwater Vocal Repertoire of the North American River Otter. She is conducting her research at the world-renowned Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida. We think it's Otter-ly ridiculous! 
IG @its_vic_xp


Brittany "PeaHead" Wright

Social Media/ Marketing Coordinator

Growing up landlocked in the Midwest, Brittany always had a love for the water, but only from its surface. After relocating to Florida, her passion for the ocean and Mother Earth grew even more. Being an adrenaline junkie, she was looking for more adventures. So in the Fall of 2019, she jumped into the world of SCUBA and fell in love with exploring Mother Nature  at new depths. Couple that passion and her personality (everyone’s favorite social butterfly who has a million friends) and is a social media master. 🤣🤣 * She found her adventure; What's YOUR adventure?
IG @Britters716

Meagan "The Meg" Murray

Divemaster/ Marine Biologist

 Meagan is one of our new Divemasters here at Compressed Adventures! She has been a diver for over twelve years and will jump at any chance to get in the water. Meagan has a degree in Marine Biology from The University of Tampa and has spent a great deal of time working underwater with coral!


Lauren "Lorax" Rodriguez

Divemaster/ Marine Biologist

Rae started diving over 3 years ago when they completed a study abroad program in Cayos Cochinos, Honduras. During the project they dove amazing reefs, saw spotted eagle rays, and became deeply invested in furthering their dive certifications. Rae recently graduated with a BA in Marine Biology from New College of Florida and is currently working in the college’s marine lab to gain more experience in animal husbandry. Rae also hopes to become a dive instructor sometime in the future.

Tara "Shooter" Brown

Multi Media Artist

Tara is our Multi media artist. Her creative mind as our multi-media artist and photographer is behind the digital artwork that you see in all of our videos and social media! When she is not being awesome for us, Tara is serving on active duty in the US Army since 2017. Before that, she was in the National Guard for 6 years and worked as a welding contractor for the US Navy. For fun, Tara dominates in multi-gun competitions.

IG @Mighty_traps_83

Saber the Wonder Dog

Morale Lead

Saber is the Morale Lead for the Pod. If there is a member of the Pod feeling blue, he nudges them until they pet him which makes him feel better about things. Saber has been Employee of the Month, every month so far in 2020, we’ll see if he can handle competition!


Asst. Morale Lead

Sheol is the newest member of the Pod. We are still trying to define her position in the Company. Currently she enjoys sleeping on laps, tormenting the Employee of the Month, and biting Deadpool (he probably deserved it anyway).

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“From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.”

Jacques Yves Cousteau


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Client Testimonials

They found their adventures!

It's always incredible for us to hear the awesome comments of our Dive Buddies!! It's little wonder why they keep coming back to us for more training and adventures! We can't wait to hear what you have to say after your adventure!

What a great experience. Steve has been so much more helpful than I ever expected. He is a GREAT instructor, and was so patient with my family!

Lisa B.

great instruction, calm and clear teaching methods with a fun atmosphere made for an awesome learning experience!

Jonathon H.

Very professional, experienced and very knowledgeable. Steve is a very good instructor that is very fun and friendly. I felt I was in good hands and felt completely comfortable with Steve knowing that he was very well prepared with safety in mind. I was impressed with how prepared he was for an emergency if one would arise. He loves what he does and it shines through. I would highly recommend Compressed Adventures to anyone looking for a dive instructor.

Dan G.

You will never find a better instructor! He knows exactly what he’s doing and will make sure you are 100% educated on what you need to know all while making it a fun and exciting experience!

Amber B.

If you’re looking for an awesome scuba instructor- who just happens to be an American hero— look no further. Steve is a stand-up guy who will deliver an awesome personal scuba experience for you or your family!

Brenda L.

Hey Vic, I just wanted to give you some feedback from this weekend. Leah the mom, gave me a call yesterday and told me she can't stop thinking about diving. She was so appreciative of you being there Sunday, and just your calming influence and Aura, her words, of you always being there in the water right next to her ready to help if needed.

Leah C.



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